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The requirement of cutting tool in the processing of stainless steel parts

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The requirement of cutting tool in the processing of stainless steel parts

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   Stainless steel parts widely used in our daily life, the process of processing also requires very strict, used for machining tool is not exceptional also, met the requirement of the cutting tool, can be processed to produce high quality stainless steel products in chengdu.

   The geometrical shape of the cutting part of the cutter should be considered in the former corner and back Angle. When choosing the front Angle, consider the factors such as the size of the roll, the Angle of the Angle between the chamfering and the Angle of the blade. No matter what kind of tool, the stainless steel must adopt the larger front Angle. Enlarging the front Angle of cutter can reduce the resistance to cut off and clear out the cutting. Yantai stainless steel processing accessories, not very strict with Angle after the choice, but should not be too small, after serious friction Angle is too small easy and workpiece surface, worsen processing surface roughness, speed up the tool wear. And because of strong friction, the effect of hardening of stainless steel surface is reinforced. The corners of the cutter should not be too large, and the rear Angle will be too large to reduce the wedge Angle of the cutter, reducing the strength of the cutting edge and accelerating the wear of the tool.

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