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Ingenuity · CraftedThe use of high-quality stainless steel plate molding molding design simple, smooth lines


Product save money--QCTeam 100% detected,Warranty 10 years without cracking

Crafts worry--Handle the circle of anti-cutting technology and the installation of pressure relief device,
To ensure the use of security

Service is easy--No minimum MOQ, to provide customized, local services

Raw materials environmental protection--Using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel processing molding, the first use of non-toxic environmentally friendly accessories ,To ensure food and drink health and safety

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Introduction of YantaiToptech Ltd.

YantaiToptech LTD. is the professional manufacturer who focuses on beer kegs (beverage containers).Range of products with good quality and good price as follows: Beer kegs in Euro Standard/ US Standard/ DIN Standard, Casks, Soda Kegs, Fermentation Barrels, RSR Kegs, Wine Barrels, Chemical Barrels etc., and other Customized Kegs as well as quality Stainless Steel Spare Parts by brands all over the world..


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The development trend of the stainl... The beer industry in China has been developing healthily towards industrialization. In the next few years, the developm...【see more】
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